Value Added Assembly

Duyck Machine, Inc. has professional expertise in all industrial and infrastructures related Electro-Mechanical discipline in the field of fabrication and machined components. All the projects undertaken by Duyck are executed on a "task force" basis with its high quality, expert management and a work force dedicated to their work.

Through its rich resources, coupled with the financial strength, effective operational system, extensive experience in the field of Engineering as well as the high quality technical and managerial staff, Duyck recognizes any challenge posed by new projects regardless of the size or complexity of the project with its commitment to competitive prices and compliance to all quality standards.

When you partner with us...

  • you don't have to inventory your own parts or components
  • you don't have to gear your own production lines to assembly
  • parts and components are readily available to you, ensuring just-in-time delivery of your completed products
  • you save plant space - and operating costs

Our turnaround time solutions and our expertise in manufacturing of Pre-Engineered Electro-Mechanical Assembly System have put us on the top of the vendors list of major corporations.